There is always a moment that we will be sorrowed…
What do we do?



At 1.13am, I suddenly think…what is the usage of FB? To care or busybody on what’s going on? Most people expressing their feeling in FB and normally are the negative post or comments. Creating account and doing lots of posting & uploading…hm…will this come to an end? I mean, how long we are going to do this…? Till we really don’t have time or it’s out of the trend? When we stop…are going to take the effort to delete the account or someone…?

Questions popping out one after another… 😛

Drama Life

Heart Aches

Our life is like a drama shown on TV…happy & sorrow but real life it’s more dramatic!


Moving on…

Hi…who ever is reading my blog. I guess no one…hahaha.

Neway, 1stly…most of my update pictures of my food & etc are located in facebook now. Super malas to type & upload pictures one by one. Please visit —>

2ndly, I’m currently in UK for 6 mths and now is ramadhan…gosh! due to the time difference. Guess what? the fasting timing is super long!! 18 hrs…3.45AM to 9.05PM. (O_o’) I always wake up & do my household routine & wait for hubby to come home to have dinner…but now, fasting month…gosh! What to do after the household routine is done??? Sleep is my answer!!!

Living in UK is pretty fun & relax but…allot of things especially asian ingredients are hard to find, if you do find it…watch your pocket go empty quickly!! 🙂 I always get cravings when I see food kiosk / mobile / stall / hut / booth or anything to do with food. So…they have tons of it!!! OMG, I cant have it…Im concern about the ‘halal’ & my pocket too. 😦

Shopping here is cool coz you dont get those goods in Msia but again it’s super expensive. Haiyaaaaaaaaaaaa…I guess I have to wait for Sale or Boxing Day. I’ve yet to know what is Boxing Day about…but I sure know, it’s a good day to do shopping. Muahahaha.

I google for some nearby ‘tourist place’ but my hubby is not keen to go…so I’m rather ‘fickle-minded’ to proceed alone or change his mind. muahahaha again!

That’s for now…I shall tweet again, tomolo??? hehe…yet to know. adios…………..

Free Thinker

In my way as a free thinker, I’ve been a open minded & never tied myself to any thing.

Do u think I can commit myself to one of the strongest religion in the world?

A date w Mummy dearest…

It was a Sun morning, which a day I craved for Dim Sum & gian to go jalan (window shopping)…so ajak-ed my mom.


Dim Sum shop located near SS25, forgot to snap the shop front.


Steam Mussel with Cheese.


Salad Prawn, my favorite!


Deep fried Lobak kuih & Woo Kok.


Century Egg Porridge.


Steam Fishball.

This in New Wing – top floor, Pyramid.


Korean Rice Ball…..


A complete set of Korean lunch.

Mei’s Farewell Lunch @ Canton-i, Sunway Pyramid

My 1st time to Canton-i, heard allot about them…especial their ‘Roast Pork’ is good. Hhmm…I wonder how good?



Here’s the Roast Pork & Barbecue Pork…to me it’s just so-so…but most of colleague loved it.


Wan tan mee with stew duck


Wan tan mee with roast pork & barbecue pork


Fried Noodle with shredded duck meat


Chee Cheong Fun with barbrcue pork


Fried turnip cake


Durian puff


Ice cold Lychee


Watermelon with Lemon


Mango Juice


Lemongrass Juice


White Coffee

Overall, I would say it’s sort of pricy & food are just normal taste.

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